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Learn once - use everywhere - huge lever

Economy of Repetition has for long been a huge lever when it comes to speed up adoption of new services. A familiar and often used tool is what customers and citizens at large have the right to expect.

We experienced this when actors in both the public and private sectors started to use e-banking login-tool-based e-id services. Now this is omnipresent.

Now this is getting exponentially more important as a rapidly growing number of people are moving into the all-digital, e-tool deluge and app-for-everything world. There is less time for any one thing. Starting from tools trusted, must-be-secure, always-with-you mobile and often used is the obvious choice - and here banks have to take their responsibility (also providing the service to unbanked - as long as they can identify themselves. The business case - albeit not huge - is there. And the public sector should encourage the development towards a tool that can be used everywhere. 

No-brainer really - if you want to speed up adoption, increase security and save costs.


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