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Wells Fargo: Adventures in the blogosphere

Wells Fargo launched its first blog Guided by History a year ago today. Initially intended as a short-term experiment, the US bank has been so impressed by the experience that it has since launched three other blogs and created a social media unit to manage its activities in the space. 

In the studentloanddown, a blog created to plug Wells Fargo into the college community, Staci Schiller interviews Ed Turpenning, head of the bank’s social media team.  

“Having a dialogue with customers via blogs is more than being a good host,” says Turpenning “it's also about being a participant across social networks.” 

This is new territory for banks, and a new way of doing business. Wells is still finding its feet, but the creation of the blogs has enabled the bank to engage in a different kind of dialogue with its user base and feed that conversation back into its activities online.

Other banks should take note.


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