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Our War of Values Could Have a Chance For Peace in a Decentralized World

If I could describe the world’s current turmoil in one word, it would be values. Unfortunately for us as humans in this world, it seems as if we have digressed rather than progressed in terms of our globalization efforts. The reason, I feel, is that we have not been able to coexist and cooperate given our many different types of life values. Chinese values vs. U.S. values; Russian values vs. French values; and not to mention the differences in religious values, these are all reasons for this global clash. One would think that given the advanced times we live in and the great advancements taking place in technology and medicine (among others), we would be capable of finding a way to maintain our personal values while being tolerant of those that others hold.

So, what will bring us back together? The reason I am using the analogy of values for a technical blog is that in the Fintech arena, there is a similar war of values happening right now. Different flavors of solutions for the same tech problem- private Blockchain vs. public Blockchain; Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Cash; thin Blockchain vs. smart contracts (fat Blockchain); Ethereum vs. EOS; and the list goes on. What can bring us together? In my opinion, it’s decentralization!

Depending on the right governance, decentralization of applications makes so much sense in terms of having the best type of model to grow and innovate while receiving input from many contributors. Open systems are a big success and no one can dispute it. From Red Hat (Linux) to FIX (my favorite protocol), open works, and now is the time for the next stage of openness! With data integrity, distributed computing, and new and exciting applications that can only work in a decentralized fashion, the power of a decentralized hive is undisputed. Granted, adoption, performance scalability, and other factors are challenges that need to be figured out, but I am certain of the positive acceptance of decentralized platforms. How long will it take and how many factions will fall in the process is another prediction I am not ready to make.

Can’t we all just get along?



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