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Is your mobile low emission or a cooker?

Recent discussions of the potential health risks of using a mobile phone left most of us without a point of reference. Some scientists are suggesting excessive exposure can be harmful to even the unborn. The wise move would be to minimise exposure and the obvious place to start is by seeing how our phones rate on the radioactivity scale.

Cnet has published a comparison of the radiation output rating or SAR score of most models of mobile phones. My phone is in the bottom few percent and to check yours see the Cnet comparison here.

One thing to remember though, a more powerful handset may be necessary in some areas of say, Tooting for instance. 

There is little correlation between brand and output and the lowest rated include models from various manufacturers.

The best way to stay safer is to use the phone less and when you do just go hands free. This leads to better mobile phone etiquette or at the worst the people around you get to hear both sides of the conversation.



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