14 December 2017
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Comparing Blockchain to Quantum Entanglement

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Quantum Entanglement is a physical phenomenon which occurs when pairs or groups of particles (photons) interact in a way that the quantum state of each particle cannot be characterized independently of the others, even when there is a sizable distance between them.

Recently, a Chinese group of scientists managed to sustain Quantum Entanglement of photons over a 1,200-mile distance using a specially fitted satellite. Why is this important? Sustaining Quantum Entanglement over long distances is the basis for the creation of a new internet- a new secure and un-hackable internet and form of communication. This sounds great for governments that want to secure their communications but the application is much broader in my opinion.

One area of interest for me is comparing the concept of Quantum Entanglement and see if there are any similarities to the Blockchain technological stack.

Quantum Entanglement is the perfect Blockchain. It stands for two (or more) particles (ledger entries) which are being synchronized (perfect match on time stamps) in a perfect state; a state (immutable record) that changes constantly yet maintains parity between the particles. One of the issues with Blockchain is the perceived security issues as manifested by the DAO (distributed autonomous organization) debacle on Ethereum. Yet, in the Quantum Entanglement scenario, there is no key to be held in any part of the interaction, thus allowing the network to constantly change and as a result, become un-hackable.

Recently, a few skeptical voices have been heard on the Blockchain scene doubting its future requirement of mass of adoption and the surmountable hurdles that it needs to get over in order for the technology to be implemented. The Chinese achievement made me think about how Blockchain might develop in the next 20 years. I have a good sense that given this latest development, we will see this type of phenomenon being considerably influential in the development and adoption of the future chain.


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