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Is Your Organisation Ready for the Big Data Challenge?

Big Data is about the big possibility, promise and role of digital data in shaping the digital experience and we are already aware of it. With the mobile apps taking center stage in the evolution and growth of data, we are already aware of the intertwined relation between mobility and Big Data. While mobile apps and mobile web are playing the leading role in the overwhelming growth of digital data, Big Data analytics is helping mobile apps to address user concerns better with data-driven actionable analytics.

As a developer how can you grasp this opportunity of Big Data analytics for your mobile apps? Can Big Data make the backend better? Can it give your app marketing a facelift in a never before way? How big can is the Big Data for your mobile app? Let us answer these queries in a systematic manner.

Is your organization actually data capable?

Does your organization boast of a robust data storage and management infrastructure? Or alternatively, does your organization grab high-quality professional help from third party providers to breach up the gap for storage and infrastructure? How does your company look at the immense potential of data analytics in spearheading business growth? Is the company’ vision concerning data analytics is still limited to traditional business analytics or does it consider latest Big Data analytics tools as invincible? All these approaches are crucial to evaluate the data capability of an organization.

The data capability of an organization rests on few important aspects like the data driven backend operation, data driven analytics for decision making and management, data storage and infrastructure and data-driven marketing campaigns and promotions. Presently most businesses are keen to make their mobile presence, and a considerable number of these businesses are aware of the role of Big Data to push their mobile presence further ahead.

Instead of investing big in data center how can you become data capable?

The Huge volume of data is the primary mover in the mobility space today and any company while unleashing its new mobile app knows that managing the overwhelming volume of data from diversified sources to make use of their hidden potential is something they cannot afford without the help of some third party data service providers with large infrastructure. In fact, by relying on third party data infrastructure, a business can not only save all the resources and talent need but can also concentrate on the app performance and output.

Do you still think you need your own data center infrastructure to take on the data challenge? Well, even while you can afford such robust data-driven infrastructure, such investment and effort do not worth your time since you have an array of sophisticated cloud services and software as service platforms to meet your storage and infrastructure needs. With cloud services for data management and infrastructure not only you can do away with the large capital requirement, but can also ensure quicker time to a market. Leveraging cloud services like Google Compute Engine or Microsoft Azure has already become a popular option to circumvent the challenges concerning own data infrastructure.

As far as data infrastructure is concerned, a business should also consider the scalability. A cloud service, unlike traditional data infrastructure, allows an unprecedented level of scalability to accommodate your emerging data needs over time. Most of these cloud services allow you are paying for additional data storage as and when you require. This flexibility and capability to scale up the storage with increased data volume are one of the main reasons most businesses prefer third-party cloud platforms.

Real-Time backend querying

Among all the typical concerns concerning Big Data integration with mobile apps, real-time querying capability of the mobile backend comes as the foremost for many apps. With data-driven analytics paving the way for the real-time insightful answering of queries is something that makes mobile interaction smarter and gives user experience a boost. Thanks to sophisticated Big Data processing engines mobile apps can actually now take advantage of this. The Big Data based querying engine can quickly accelerate the interaction and give users information they need in real time. Most important of all, such real-time querying really helps in minimizing the cost.

From another perspective, from all the queries posted in real-time companies can easily analyze the data fidelity making the process even more secure and reliable. With real-time querying made possible apps now can be loaded with an array of additional questions. On the other hand, more iterative data interactions and queries can allow access to larger volumes of unstructured data brimming with relevant insights.

While being data capable is the bare minimum requirement for most business organizations, the parameters of this capability is also shifting continuously. After cloud-based data storage and analytics engines became common, data access will gets a further boost from latest technologies like fog computing. Data has still a long way to go and a lot to reveal for the upcoming mobile apps.


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