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Collaboration vs Competition

Jet lag has finally receded.  And I did make the boat trip last night - most enjoyable, with good company, lively discusssion and just the right amount of liquid refreshment.

Work began again with a breakfast discussion on SEPA issues and related topics. Looking back over the last 2 days, the key issues appear to revolve around collaboration. It is easy to talk about the need to collaborate, but as Chris Hamilton said yesterday "Everyone comes to SIBOS and talks about collaboration, but they then go back to their offices, get back into their trenches and start competing again".  I fear this is all too true.

But my many discussions this week do give me hope that there is a growing group of bankers willing to find ways to break the deadlocks.  I certainly believe this is essential if we are to move the industry foward to meet the needs of our customers in the 21st century.  We can not seek to retain the business models developed to meet the needs and capabilities of the 1970s/80s.

I encourage you all to not just talk about collaborating, but put your words (and votes on the digivoting systems) into practice.

Must fly - off to my next 'collaborative' meeting!  And then it will be time to party again.  Glad I have had a short while today to roam the exhibition hall, meet up with friends, collect a few momentums.

Until tomorrow.


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