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It takes the biscuit

A new study has found that the quality and type of biscuit presented in a meeting can make or break a deal.

A survey of over 1000 UK business professionals conducted by Holiday Inn found that the choice of biscuit supplied with refreshments provides "an integral role in influencing company directors, entrepreneurs and budget holders in boardrooms across Britain".

Nearly half (47%) of those quizzed for the so-called 'Business Biscuit Study' said it was "very important" to serve biscuits during a meeting, with two-thirds (64%) saying the quality of biscuits on offer was a "matter of note or discussion".

The vast majority of respondents - 80% - believe that biscuits improve the "quality and outcome" of a meeting.

Chocolate digestives came out as the top choice of biscuit, ahead of shortbread, oat biscuits, Jammy Dodgers and Bourbons. But crumbly biscuits were considered a no-go, with almost 30% saying they would refuse to eat a crumbly biscuit in a business meeting.

Commenting on the research, Chris Hale, VP, marketing and communications Emea, at Holiday Inn parent InterContinental Hotels Group, says: "It's incredible to think that important decisions might be made based on a crumbly biscuit."

According to the study, biscuits - or the absence of them - can also indicate the meeting agenda. The absence of biscuits at a meeting could mean bad news for staff as 42% of respondents said they would not serve biscuits if they were about to fire an employee.

However, as well as being the overall favourite, the chocolate digestive was  also revealed as a 'bad news biscuit', with 18% of respondents saying they would offer the biscuits to "soften the blow when delivering bad news".


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A Finextra member
A Finextra member 04 June, 2008, 09:48Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

Nice to see some in-depth analysis of a serious issue. Personally I like to keep an eye on which covers the whole snack universe. 

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