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Web 2.0 fails to make money - shocker

28 May 2008  |  2700 views  |  1

Interesting read here on The Register drawing together two articles and discussing struggling Web 2.0 companies. In the first, the FT report that Web 2.0 companies are basically not really making any money. It always bothered me that the whole Web 2.0 thing was purely driven by hype.

Having failed to make any serious dosh out of user generated content, there is now a call to re-think copyright laws - thus providing the Web 2.0 sites more free content perhaps? 

Interesting. So - you're never going to make money out of it. Still - some element of user interaction might be beneficial to any web site if you can stop it degenerating into a mass of spamming links and folk scrapping with each other - but that sort of interaction has been going on for years on the internet well before the web - let alone Web 2.0.  

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Alex Noble
Alex Noble - McAfee - London | 30 May, 2008, 17:09

Perhaps Web 2.0 won't make any money, but I'm sure some will and I suspect this is is just the natural dip after things are overhyped.

Afterall, it's not so long ago that people couldn't see how all the .com companies were going to make money. In many cases they were right but that was because these companies had bad business models, not because you couldn't make money out of a web based business....

I suspect, as with the last round of internet hype, there will be the web 2.0 equivalents of Amazon and Expedia and there will the equivalents of boo.com and many other nameless collapses.

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