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Having The 4G Network Mystery Demytified

Until recently, the world has witnessed significant revolutions in mobile technologies beginning from the radio frequency technology right to 3G technology that has hit the waves all over the world. However, technology being one of the most dynamic areas in the world, the 3G technology is now gradually being faced out by the 4G technology. It is undebatable that 4G network is will be a hit for the smartphones as a transition to the next generation of technology.

The 4G network was availed commercially in the United States since the year 2009. Nevertheless, the technology is relatively new in India, and it has not yet reached a crescendo. Though the technology is gradually infiltrating the Indian market, mobile phone carrier service providers have not yet fledged it to its full.

To make matters simple, 4G technology is the fourth generation of mobile phone technology. This stage of technology is due to the evolution of technology from its primitive stages. When mobile phone technology began, the earliest version was the 1G. This now explains how the technology has evolved to get to 4G. This technology carries data in digital formats. Carrying data in digital format leads to improved information services in websites. Apple iPhone is a quiet testimony of the breakthrough of the 3G technology. Therefore, as technology continues to advance in India, 4G is the next hit of mobile technology.

As the technology gets its ground in India, app developers are getting ready to develop more sophisticated app that can fully utilize the powerful capabilities of 4g technology. Such apps include online gaming apps, online banking apps, social media apps and much more. With the invention of 4G, social media particularly will likely be more exciting. This is because chatting would be faster and people would share photos, music, and videos and high speeds. Downloads and uploads would become faster hence facilitating better user experience.

It is sure that the 4G technology is going to revolutionize people’s lives especially how they use the internet on their smartphones. However, with this new experiences, there is need for enhanced security features. This is because, with faster internet, data transfer would be faster. Therefore, app developers in India will need to be on their toes to develop sophisticated security apps to protect the internet users from malicious activities via the internet.

One of the major objectives of 4G technology is to minimize the blips that are common with the much slower networks when a device is taken from one area to another. Also, 4G technology also seeks to leverage the power of IP networks to provide improved security of data during transfer via a fiber optic network cable. If 3G network technology made a tremendous impact especially in e-commerce how much more the 4G? 4G technology is used in the US in two ways; WiMAX technology and Long Term Technology (LTE).

Primarily, 4G technology is used for voice and data transfer on the internet and via fiber optic network cables. People that will have 4G network access in their homes will have faster internet on the Wi-Fi networks that are installed into the routers and switches.

In conclusion, the advent of 4G will better connect the world and enhance learning. Though in its initial stages it might pose challenges, eventually it will pay to pay the cost for a full coverage of 4G in India.

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Urvish Macwan is a team leader honing Marketing strategy cum content crafter at Hyperlink Infosystem, a mobile app development company. Blend for the passion of writing and Marketing that makes him noise loud in digital marketing spectrum.


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