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Mobile phone health warning for pregnant women

19 May 2008  |  2154 views  |  1

This article on The Independent covers a study of 13,000 children which exposes a link between the use of mobile phone handsets and later behavioural problems.

Interesting. I'm beginning to have serious doubts about mobiles.

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A Finextra member
A Finextra member | 20 May, 2008, 15:49

I am certain that you don't exactly get health benefits by holding them up to your ear for long periods either.

I'm sure a few telco's have done some sort of testing which shows rats with mobiles strapped to their heads suffer behavioural problems after a while but a total absence of ethics would prevent them ever telling us about it. I remember my first Oki Racal Brick, I could put it on hands free on the table next to my coffee and it would keep the coffee nice and warm. It doesn't take a genius to work out they're likely to be bad for your head if you use them against your ear for too long.

There are some great desktop mobiles available now, and they even look like a real phone. Undoubtedly more healthy than holding that little hottie up to your ear.

With the kids you just have to limit their minutes, otherwise they'd be on them all the time. The drug companies will no doubt come up with another miracle pill to fix the kiddies behavioural problems if you can't.

I thought about it seriously when developing applications for the mobile. I am happy to say that our mobile solutions are not only greener, but they're also healthier than any other mobile solution.

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