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Pandora's Box is here with the Internet - Words into action

12 May 2008  |  2226 views  |  0

I have come to the realisation that the internet really is Pandora's Box, in the sense that it contains many things, but more importantly it's like a magic box that even if you don't see what you want there already, if you throw in the right words the thing you desire just might appear.
Not like a prayer but more like a challenge.

I'm sure I'm not the only one to have experienced this digital deja vu, where a thought or suggestion is presented and the manifestation appears soon after. Whether it's a thought or a product, sure enough, even if it may seem too small a 'niche' to succeed the internet will produce every time.

My wife once gave me a T-shirt with this printed on the front:

"If you're reading this then Step 1 of my plan is complete!"

No truer words were ever written. 


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