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Bank of America's heroic decision to blog with customers

I applaud BofA in their bold move into the bloggosphere. I also think that here should be an industry code of conduct for blogging with customers on financial sites, don't cringe - it'll be good for everyone.

Let's start it here:

Financial Services Customer Blogs Code of Conduct 

  • We will listen to/read issues raised by our customers.
  • We have the right to choose to remove issues which have been resolved.
  • We have the right to publish elsewhere either part, or the whole of issues which have been resolved.
  • We have the right to remove issues which have transferred to an adjudication or mediation venue. 
  • No personal, identifiable customer or account information may be posted to the site whatsoever. 
  • Customers will be provided with randomly allocated non-offensive aliases to use on the blogs to ensure privacy and impartiality are preserved.
  • No personal attacks are permitted to be posted. 
  • The names of employees may only be posted by the institution in the approved form.

How's that for a start? 


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