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World Environment Day, 5 June 2008

I was sent an interesting email recently from the Carbon Neutral Company, who are one of our partners for our Finexpo - Green City event. They were letting me know that on 5 June, it's World Environment Day, which also happens to be on the same day as our new Outsouricng event, so a grand day indeed!

The Carbon Neutral Company want everyone to try and cut out a kilo of CO2 on 5 June and seeing that we're into environmental issues here over at Finextra Towers, I thought I would share a couple of tips on how to do this:

-Keeping your tyre pressure at the correct level for a distance of 160 km (100 m)
- Instead of driving for 5 km (3 m) cycle
- Travelling in a CarbonNeutral taxi for 4 km (2.5 m)
- Drying one load of washing outside rather than using a tumble dryer
- Turning down your thermostat by just 1 degree for the day
- Using 375 sheets of recycled paper as opposed to regular paper
- Switching off your monitor at lunchtime for 45 minutes (based on an office of 130 people)
- Recycling 180 sheets of paper instead of putting them in a landfill
Home & Office:
- Replacing three standard 100w lightbulbs with Energy Saving equivalents (for 8 hours a day)

They also tell me that If everyone in the UK cut out a kilo of CO2 on World Environment Day this would save 44,000 tonnes of CO2, if everyone did this for a year, it would equal 17% of the UK’s CO2e reduction target.

Anyway enjoy and go Green!


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