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Payment statistics out - strong growth in innovative services

Bank of Finland payment statistics 2015 out - better late than never.. (anybody seen similar figures from other countries - and better if compared to population, number of enterprises and GDP..)?

Quick picks:

- slow economy reflected in volumes

- cash on its way out

- domestic direct debit now part of e-invoicing (best model for all involved)

- e-commerce direct payments dominates totally in Finland (cards share under 7%..)

- excellent growth in e-id service (e-banking passwords re-used  - familiar and trusted tool especially important for saving tax payer's money and nerves in public sector services). Growth from 56 to 69 m transactions! 12 transactions per citizen...

- 6,2 m e-banking contracts by 5,5 m citizens - 4m of these receive e-invoices

- in practise all enterprises have signed up for e-invoicing - volume up from 185 to 218m!! close to 50% now in structured form (e-mailed PDFs of course not counted as e-invoices)


World records! Or anybody challenging?





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