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Creative Ideas for Stress Management

Whether you’ve mastered the trading system or not, stress is an unavoidable yet normal part of a forex trading environment Stress is a natural reaction especially when dealing with worries like monetary losses, risky trades or economic pressure. From time to time, all forex traders need to cope with the tension that comes with forex trading. The most important thing to remember is that trading stress is normal and can always be manageable.

Stress management is the best way to keep trading anxieties at a tolerable and healthy level. With the 24-hour market of currency trading, stress can take its toll if not addressed and properly managed. It can affect traders emotionally, physically and mentally during a trade and in the long run.

Overworking can cause problems like migraines, stomach aches, insomnia or high blood pressure. Here is What Too Much Stress Does to your Body:

  • Stress weakens the immune system and increases sick days.

  • Stress puts your overall health at risk which affects trading performance.

  • Stress tampers with your thoughts and decision making.

  • Stress can deter you from going for more trade opportunities or doing more analyzing.

If you give yourself time to relax and revitalize from work, you can also turn chronic stress into a positive response. Positive stress is great for quick energy boosts and for better performance. To start, take note of these simple Do’s and Don’ts for Stress Management:

  • Don’t overstress on problems that are beyond your control. Do think about opportunities.

  • Don’t let expectations or emotions cloud your instincts.  Do let your studies and trading plan guide you.

  • Don’t always take a break from trading stress. Do plan meaningful strategies and learn from every session.

  • Don’t work too much hours. Do give both body and mind to rejuvenate and prepare for the next session.

  • Don’t put yourself at your limit financially or emotionally. Do set boundaries to prepare for losses.

There are plenty of ways to handle stress. To take stress management to the next level, here are Creative and Modern Ways to Manage Stress:

Measure and Manage your Stress Levels Online

If you are too busy to realize your stress levels, start by taking a stress test. Online tests and websites are perfect for traders who like to casually examine how and why stress levels are high. These sites also come with very helpful tips, programs and studies on how to improve overall well being. They are great resources that help guide anyone towards proper stress management and boost mental health for work or for personal life. With many organizations and websites now devoted to self-improvement, you can easily learn how to enhance life at work. Take advantage of free online self tests to calculate and manage your stress levels whenever you need to.


Spoil the Senses: Sight. Taste. Sound. Smell. Touch.

Something as simple as treating your senses can be a highly effective way to manage stress. Don’t forget that these are meant to be practiced only once in awhile to break the daily work routine.

Here are some suggestions to spoil the senses and de-stress:

  1. Visit a Spa and Wellness Center. Search for local spa services to relax both body and mind. Make sure to do your research online and find top ratings or reviews of the center. You don’t want to treat yourself to a spa day but go through more stress and spend money on a bad experience.

  2. Have a special activity at home with family or friends. Pick good music, prepare a delicious meal and have a simple get-together with family and friends. To plan a stress free occasion, make sure to simplify the details. You can send invites via Facebook or have a potluck dinner to lessen any burden while hosting.

  3. De-stress with a vacation. Planning a trip can also be stressful but with helpful blogs, new apps and travel websites. 

  4. Spend a bit of money in an amenity or service. Treat your senses to a perfectly clean house, freshly washed laundry, a spotless car or an organized filing cabinet. If you can, hire someone to do your chores and tasks for work to take some of the burden off. 

  5. Watch a movie. This a great go-to destresser if you want to take a break from trading worries. Don’t forget to check the movie schedule and buy your ticket online to avoid long lines in the cinema.


Follow Inspiring & Positive Accounts on Social Media

De-stressing goes hand in hand with positive thinking. Studies show that an optimistic person is more likely to turn a negative experience into a positive type of stress. With the increased use of social media, plenty of users encourage daily optimism and encouraging texts or images to help others. Incorporating stress management in social media is a discreet way to practice positive thinking. Reading inspirational pictures or motivating QOTD (Quotes of the Day) can make a difference in daily outlook.

Find your favorite on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Download apps that help manage stress triggers

Apps are great tools for stress management. The convenience of these apps can allow anyone to be more productive, get more organized or do tasks more efficiently.

Based on the major stress triggers of a forex trading profession, here are the best apps you can try:

For money management

It is no surprise that money is a major stressor for a forex trader. With an uncontrollable market, managing your money outside of a trading session can help lessen the pressure. Money management is easier with apps for money management. It lets you budget your daily expenses, pay bills and improve your credit score while overseeing your accounts.

For task completion

When you take on too much tasks, you end up not having time to wind down or de-stress. Using a task management app lets you see everything you need to do and plan your priorities at the right time. Task management apps give you a clear idea on how to move on with completing your goals everyday. It helps achieve your personal to-do list or work tasks.

For overall organization

There are many apps designed to make life more simple and lessen stress. If you are a forex trader with a lot on your plate, an organization app is the perfect virtual planner to help get everything done. These app is a very useful tool to increase your productivity. It can help you track annual goals and fulfill them. It also makes goals easier to accomplish while keeping you stress-free.


Breathe in, breathe out

Doing a breathing exercise is a natural way to de-stress especially when you are already anxious. Luckily, there are websites that aim to teach and educate people on how to breathe properly.

Do As One - an online community and non-profit organization that promotes conscious and synchronous breathing from around the world

Breathing - an informational website dedicated to developing optimal breathing skills

Normal Breathing - an informational website that shows studies as well as courses for normal breathing


Find a relaxing hobby

Relax the mind by taking yourself out of the trading desk and focusing on a new hobby or a favorite pastime.

Find me a hobby - an interesting website that shares many hobby ideas monthly

Topix - a hobby forum filled with all sorts of ideas and discussions

Storm the castle - a website with a long list of hobbies and a few links about them

Studies prove that stress management is the key to better productivity and a positive work environment. In the risks and losses of currency trading, stress can easily affect emotions if not dealt with. Over time, manageable stress is the ideal strategy to get through the inevitable worries of forex trading. By practicing effective stress management, a beginner or an expert trader can build a healthy and balanced forex trading career.


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