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Blockchain and white papers around it

In past 2 years almost every bank, every consulting firm and every Technology firm is trying to bet on Blockchain or alternate ways to improvise on financial sector. It is accepted on broad level that financial sector has been due for the reforms from quite a long time and the regulatory efforts taken up by central authorities may not be enough.

This with the emergence of Bitcoin rally to a humongous proportions and emergence of Ven, Ether and other crypto-currencies have suddenly created a huge focus area for Blockchain technology that is the underlying strength of the crypto-currency frameworks.

Bitcoing is not new. It is challenging the currency market’s deployment from FIAT currencies towards virtual currencies since 2008. But just to create a short primer here is a small list of whitepapers by different organizations in past 18 months that highlight the Blockchain and it’s perceived benefits and opportunities for your reference.

Accenture - Accenture Payment Services - Distributed consensus ledgers for payments

Barclays – Blockchain: understanding the potential

DBS – Understanding Blockchain Technology, And What It Means for Your Business

Deloitte – Blockchain: Enigma, Paradox, Opportunity

DTCC - Embracing Disruption: Tapping The Potential Of Distributed Ledgers To Improve The Post-Trade Landscape

ECB - Virtual currency schemes – a further analysis

Goldman Sachs - What if I Told You … the Blockchain Could Disrupt … Everything

IBM & FinExtra – Banking On Blockchain: Charting the Progress Of Distributed Ledger Technology In Financial Services

IMF – Virtual Currencies and Beyond: Initial Considerations

Morgan Stanley – Global Insight: Blockchain in Banking: Disruptive Threat or Tool?

PWC - Blurred lines: How FinTech is shaping Financial Services

Standard Chartered - Blockchain and T2S: A potential disruptor

UBS - Extreme automation and connectivity: The global, regional, and investment implications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution



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