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Brits struggling with PINs - survey

Around a quarter of cardholders in the UK are putting their money at risk by using the same PIN number for all their credit and debit cards, according to research commissioned by price comparison Web...

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To hear that Steve Willey is shocked that people could have so many credit cards that they have forgotten one or more PINs is itself shocking. I receive more invitations to apply for credit cards than I receive junk email offering something I shall call horn-therapy - which is a lot. Anyone in the same boat who is more predisposed than I to accept such offers would certainly have more cards than PINs, and probably more PINs than could possibly be remembered. I live in hope that Dean Procter's vision of a password-less (but safe) environment comes about very, very soon. Personally, I have recently reduced the number of unique passwords to the absolute minimum I need to operate my (two) cards and the various online resources I use... and still it's more than 20. I am surprised that the number of forgotten PINS is as low as this article suggests!

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A Finextra member
A Finextra member 23 April, 2008, 07:12Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

I try and be a security freak about my PINS and passwords by having them all different and as a result spend half my time waiting for a new one in the email, after forgeting them. I was recently relieved of my wallet and at present I have an imposter running around trying to use my ID. The effort required to change everything was really a tedious waste of time.

I could have used my mobile for every document in my wallet, and of course I didn't lose the mobile. I would have only needed to make one contact if that was the case. It was useful to ring up and cancel everything though, at a hefty price by the time I'd waited in a plethora of voice queues.

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