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Pain in the neck - no not Vista

Talking of Microsoft - it seems they're currently enhancing Vista security by disabling mice and keyboards. Accidentally. Oops. Do take care Chris!

I digress.  

One criticism I have of the current crop of Macbook Pro computers is that you can't fold them out flat - which means I couldn't use my old laptop stand at home. Hence I've developed a pain in the neck from looking down. I should know better, I used to be our display screen assessor. The top of the screen should be just below eye level.

So - a quick trawl of assorted sites and I ended up in the Apple store. I can recommend the Griffin Elevator stand and the external (wired) Apple keyboard is very good too. The latter looks like it shouldn't be any good at all - it's minimalist, impossibly thin and the keys look rubbery - but it's a joy to type on. And when I plugged it in, it updated its firmware from Apple. Its what?

It's rather elegant after the mad button-fest that is my work Microsoft keyboard. And my pain is lessening. It worries me how many folk I see in offices who use a laptop full time and dont' use a stand.



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