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Mobile ID yourself to Police - Anonymous Mobilisation

When you fail to indicate and get pulled over by a Police Officer, what do they want to know?

  •  whether you are a licensed driver
  •  if you are 'wanted'
  •  whether you were warned about not indicating recently and need to be fined to teach you properly. Sort of charging a fee to stop and educate you.

NOT your name, date of birth, home address, ...

There is no need to know any of that, just confirm you are ok and let you go on your way. Even if you're a recalcitrant scoundrel and have a regular mental block about indicating, they only need to do their job and if the procedure says fine you again, and you've paid your previous fines - on your way. And they still didn't even need to know your name.

All we have to do is equip you to prove to the Officer (and prove they ARE an Officer) and we can all get on with our business. Only if we fail does it get escalated, maybe a picture to the Officer so they can compare, still without a name. If it is 'us', all good and on your way.

If ALL else fails they can maybe send a finger print, and even then it doesn't need a name to be transmitted along with it, just compared to the one which belongs to whoever you say you are.

If that's OK, it's on your way.

All the Officer needs is a mobile phone or PDA, and all you need is any model mobile phone. Save time, aggravation, and all those psychological power games with the "Give me your name and address, and date of birth...." Reduce the opportunity for corruption.

Save time. Let the Police be on their way quicker doing their job. Make it easier for them too. 

Now that's my idea of mobilisation. It can be done.


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A Finextra member
A Finextra member 17 April, 2008, 09:54Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes I'm intrigued by this. Does it rely on your getting a signal for it to work? In that case it's doomed for me if the O2 signal in Tooting is anything to go by. I have to stand on the kitchen table for it to work...
A Finextra member
A Finextra member 17 April, 2008, 11:38Be the first to give this comment the thumbs up 0 likes

I don't expect in this instance Mr Plod will be pulling you over in your kitchen, but it would most probably work there but I am not at liberty to write about technical details.
There is also backup mechanism just in case. 

At the very least it would give everyone some incentive to improve the network coverage.

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