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Digital currencies will be an inevitable part of our futures.

The list of security features that digital currencies have that cash cannot ever have is quite impressive. Digital currencies have a tenth of the cost of manufacturing and distributing actual notes and coins, the capacity for governments, economists and central banks to closely oversee a digital currency’s movement through an economy’s payments systems in almost real time, and a central bank’s capacity to update eCurrency’s security in real-time in order to place itself ahead of the inevitable ‘cat and mouse’ game between society and its set of counterfeiters. These attributes are simply transformative for any society.

It is quite a revelation to me that any central bank that is using eCurrency Mint can continuously add up their money supply to ensure that the amount of digital currency issued by them is the same as the amount in circulation, and that this capacity can be employed at all times. This audit capacity will have an enormous bearing on the security and integrity of any nation-states’ digital fiat currency. This can never be done with cash owing to the fact that physical money always has the potential of being lost, physically destroyed or counterfeited, and owing to the fact that physical cash not held in banking institutions is ‘offline’, i.e. privately held or horded.  

As long as this article offers an accurate picture about eCurrency Mint’s technological attributes to withstand the activities of fraudsters, counterfeiters and hackers, I cannot think of a more worthy alternative to national currencies everywhere.

Digital currencies are much safer and secure than what is currently on offer. Digital currencies also have an inherent capacity for it to be subject to a central bank’s audit than physical cash can ever have. Given all of these considerations, I can quite confidently state that eCurrency Mint or some other firm specialising in digital currency, clearly has the potential to eventually replace every nation-states’ fiat currency on a global scale.


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