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Microsoft admits defeat in the security stakes asks for help

"At this year’s RSA, Microsoft will not announce a new company strategy. Rather, we will use this opportunity to ask all who care about online safety to join in a robust and meaningful discussion about building a more trusted Internet."

"We believe there are three key pieces to creating greater trust on the Internet. The first is creation of a trusted stack where security is rooted in hardware and where each element in the stack (hardware, software, data and people) can be authenticated in appropriate circumstances. The second piece involves managing claims relating to identity attributes. We need to create a system that allows people to pass identity claims (sometimes a full name perhaps, but at other times just an attribute such as proof of age or citizenship). This system must also address the issues of authentication, authorization, access, and audit. Finally, we need a good alignment of technological, social, political and economic forces so that we make real progress. The goal is to put users in control of their computing environments, increasing security and privacy, and preserving other values that we cherish such as anonymity and freedom of speech."

Well all I can say is get your cheque book out and give me a call, do I have a deal for you.

Show me the money and I'll sell you the cure to phishing, card and internet banking fraud, ID theft,  and much more...

In fact Chris Skinners a 'show me the money kinda guy' and I think I'll let him do my negotiations.  Give us a call.


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