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More's Law and the FBI IC3 Internet Crime Report 2007

More's Law ... more or less.

More(profit.per.fraud) x More( x More( = More fraud

Add some economic hardship into the equation somewhere. 

  + or x More(economic.hardship)

What's the answer to that one? More...

Internet crime (FBI Internet Crime Complaints Centre Report 2007.pdf:

    1. 20% More profit.per.fraud.

    2  Under-reported? + more

    3. Under-investigated? - whatever

    4. 0.3% Less fraud reported (insignificant statistic)

Of course potential.for.fraud could be less in times of More(economic.hardship) resulting in less profit.per.fraud, but that will probably be balanced by More( in times of More(economic.hardship). Whatever...

Just More



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