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Precise Biometrics gets SKr5.7m grant for EU authentication project

Sweden's Precise Biometrics has been awarded a research grant worth SKr5.7 million to participate in an EU-funded project to develop an advanced identity management system that combines fingerprint bi...

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Revocable Biometrics? - give me a break.

Granted we could use a dodgy algorithm to turn the fingerprint image into gobbledegook and send that around the countryside (along with the gobbledegook creating readers) and when a single person's biometrics are compromised just deploy a new form of gobbledegook to every reader. Sounds like gobbledegook to me.

Apart from the proven difficulty of cross-referencing fingerprints same day when you have millions of fingers to compare, fingerprints don't always work for everyone. It is only ever practical to compare a sample with a known print.

I'm just waiting for the next SARS or TB outbreak for the US to scrap them at the borders. As for using fingerprint scanners in public places - can you guarantee that the last Chinese peasant didn't pick his nose or worse before sticking their dirty finger on the reader. The US don't even clean them in between fingers.

Citi is/was? testing fingerprint readers in Singapore, really user friendly (not) - you just have to remember your 7 digit PIN and type that in first and guarantee a good dose of the last person's germs. Even dumb 'smart cards' make slightly more sense if you have money to burn.

Call me Howard Hughes but get real. Time to sack a few of these either just plain stupid or corrupt politicians for trying to foist this rubbish on us. Revocable biometrics my #rse.

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