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IT Solutions That Work or IT Concepts That Promise?

FinTech companies sell software products and processing services.  They don't sell ideas.  So when one looks at the IT stuff that gets all the press, one has to ask, how will vendors generate new revenues from Disruptive Technologies, Big Data, Digital Banking and Cloud Computing (aka outsourcing)?
This is how I size up the situation:
Really Hot Apps for Major Core Companies:

Any electronic payment solution - Slowly but surely banks are realizing the benefits of less paper, fewer touchy-feely activities, and more digital movements that are in real-time.

Card services -   (prepaid, gift, debit, credit, rewards) 

Analytics  -  Anything that can send warning signals to alert bankers before the disaster occurs.

Fraud detection - all over the bank, even in the dumpster.

Lending analysis / Credit Risk - Decisions made in the lab, not the cocktail lounge.

Risk management - the science of converting mechanical bankers into engineers. Good luck with that oxymoron.

Mobile Banking  -  Now, it's more about the access gadget than the software behind it because most of the software has been available as core apps, branch automation and Internet banking apps.

Internet Banking - You cannot stop a good thing, even though it can backfire on occasion.

Wealth Management  -  The one-percenters are multiplying in numbers and dollars. Follow the money!  Banks get no breaks for being charitable.

Blocking all intruders - It works in football; It's a whole different game with intellectuals, and the intellectuals are the criminals.

Knowing Your Customer (KYC) - Bankers still don't get it. Customers:  We're the good guys buying your services, not your regulators who worry about the bad guys who are defaulting you. GTKU.

What's Not Hot Yet in Most Banking Institutions:

IT Infrastructure - Banker:  If major cities survive from crumbling infrastructure, maybe I can make it to my retirement with the bank's current legacy system infrastructure.

Use of Cloud Computing - Banker:  I've already got it. I switched to outsourcing but I check my invoice every month for phantom charges from the vendor.

Use of Big Data - Banker: "Big" scares me.  Look what it did to the Big Banks. I prefer "Camo Data" (under the radar hidden from hackers).

Disruptive Technology - I've had it for decades.  Where can I get the non-disruptive kind that does the mundane job of accurately posting transactions without interference?

The Millennials (aka low income gadget people)  Banker:  Show me the money, Jerry. I don't sell gadgets, just solid banking transactions, investments and lending, with fee-for-service.

Wearable technology - Consumer:  Will I get a rash from it, or shocks?

Biometrics - Merchant:  Show me your DNA tattoo.  Consumer:  Whatever happened to PIN?

Digital Banking - An identity crisis, no one can agree as to what it is or where you can buy it. It's as meaningful as a teller's send-off - Have a Nice Day. But lots of smart bankers have it, and they don't call it Analog Banking.  If you can buy it from a FinTech in Automation in Banking - 2014, it's digital.

Branchless Banking - Like "Cashless Society" in the sixties, it will not be total, but instead will be piecemeal for decades.  Innovation is not an overnight sensation in banking.


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