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2015 predictions - what is the future of payments?

What is the future of payments? Is all the hype real or is it just hot air? 2015 will undoubtedly be the proof of real change and we will see emerging trends that will disrupt payments landscape for good. 

Here are my three key predictions for 2015: 

1. Regulation is here to stay. The FCA and PSR are strengthening their teams to handle an increased workload with existing payment players in the ecosystem. However, with disruptive players increasing their share of the payments market, there is a greater need for more protection for consumers, business and investors. A level playing field is in everyone's interest and will promote good practice.

2. Security and risk management continue to be on everyone's agenda. Despite all the new technology being deployed, fraud and losses continue to grow – albeit not at historic high rates. However, tokenisation is a massive step forward and I see location based mobile tokenisation as a real method of authentication, and one which will become a major topic of debate in 2015 and beyond.

3. Digital and mobile commerce have made significant headway, affecting all payment types. Banks continue to invest in their digital infrastructures while recognising the pull from the market for frictionless digital payments. Omni-channel retailing and the ability to touch and engage with customers in the same way is key to successful commerce. Today, everyone is mobile. Consumers want to pay when they want, and how they want. From phone through to tablet and in-store self service, card payments continue to evolve. For example, today’s tradesmen now photograph cheques for paying into their banks and receiving immediate credit. The likes of Pingit, Paym and now Applepay continue to find new markets and will forever push the boundaries.

2015 will be an interesting year for the payments world, and I am expecting to see a major payment play from somewhere. The question is, who?




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