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Ralph Hazell

CEO at The Real Asset Co. and Microexchanges
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Cyprus, Bitcoin and bank deposits..

09 Apr 2013

The stories we hear on the recent freeze and confiscation of funds held in bank accounts in Cyprus seems to be more focused on individuals. In the UK we have heard many stories of retirees who had the bulk of their savings in a Cypriot bank, with one poor couple having just sold their property in Cyprus, with the funds sitting in a Cypriot bank pr...



The Micro finance revolution

29 Nov 2012

Are we entering a Golden era of small, agile businesses that can innovate quickly and disrupt the incumbent corporations of the 20th century? I certainly think this is possible in the banking and finance sector. The evidence for me is not the P2P lending markets but the online pay day loan platforms such as Wonga. One thing the banks can’t do is f...


Digital currencies

09 Jul 2010

So far, the world of digital currencies has been a little underground. Second Life’s currency the Linden dollar has the money supply of a small country and the Chinese government expressed concern that the wide use of a particular virtual currency might destabilize the Yuan. GoldMoney is an interesting one which stores over $1billion worth of allo...


Inefficient and opaque.

02 Jul 2010

When a customer does a transaction with his/her bank in a product such as foreign exchange, the rate that the customer transacts at will vary depending on how much they want to please the customer and how much profit they are looking to make out of the transaction. The bid/offer spread in the Wholesale/institutional markets will always be a few p...