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Tim Brew

CEO and Founder at YourCMO
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Bio I am an experienced global business developer with 30 years in the Banking & FINTECH marketplace. In 2014, I started YourCMO, to help organisations develop their go-to-market strategy. I am interested in The Digital Revolution, Cyber Security, Real time payments, Banking Transformation, The Intern Career History Founder and MD at YourCMO, specialist marketing and sales services to the Fintech market. Global Head of Marketing for CGI - Financial Services Global Head of Marketing Logica - Financial Services Sales & Marketing Director Logica, Global Products Global Lead e-ID, Logica Full history on linked



Creating Practical Differentiated Digital Banking

04 Mar 2015

Financial Institutions around the world are spending big on “Digital”, but what return on investment are they really getting? What real innovation are they offering? To me, all the mainstream offerings look very similar and yet deliver little in terms of value add. Many banks have a mobile APP with payments, statements and some simple alerts, b...


The Digital Bandwagon is truly rolling....

05 Jan 2015

Over Christmas I tweeted that 2015 could be the year of the new digital bank. I really believe that the bandwagon has finally started rolling - it may not have arrived at its destination yet… BUT if you do want to catch it, you need to jump on quickly. Why is the industry so interested in this whole topic? Well how often does massive disruptio...



A murmuration of bankers is gathering!

25 Nov 2014

It was with great interest that I read the article last week about the plans to launch a new bank called Starling when Anne Boden, former AIB COO, announced her plans for the new digital bank. Along with other new era start-ups like the high street bank Metro Bank, innovative digital players like Starling have a huge advantage over the traditiona...


Can Real Time Payments impact GDP?

24 Oct 2014

As the global news feeds announce whacky, new, mobile-inspired payment concepts faster than the regulators can dream up new regulations for the banking market, it is fantastic to see the news this week from the The Clearing House in the US. At last we have real signs that the US Payment Authorities are serious about updating their legacy payment i...


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