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Content Manager - Forex Lifestyle at Titan FX
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Bio My name is Paula and I am the content manager for Titan FX - a global forex broker based in New Zealand. I handle Titan FX's Forex Lifestyle section. I write articles aimed to help and guide readers to optimize their lifestyle as forex traders.



How to Set Up Your Ultimate Forex Trading Mobile Office

10 Dec 2016

Forex trading is setup to be a mobile business. Because of modern advancements, it gives everyone the opportunity to go online and earn from anywhere around the world. Considering this type of work environment, it is important to be ready with a mobile office for forex trading. How to set up your ultimate forex trading mobile office: Preparation i...


A Daily Agenda for Excellent Mental Health

25 Nov 2016

Excellent mental health contributes to a successful and fulfilling forex trading journey. In a forex trading lifestyle, it is essential to take care of both physical and mental strength. Much like a workout routine, forex traders need to keep fit with a daily agenda for excellent mental health. With a fast paced market, the best way to deal with a...


Bad Habits of Unproductive Traders

11 Nov 2016

Bad habits are the enemy of peak productivity. In a high risk profession like forex trading, conquering bad habits is one of the best ways to ensure efficiency and success. With every activity of trading, it is crucial to exercise good habits instead of bad practices. This will lead to profitable trading sessions and the development of overall per...


Best Eye Care Tips for Perfect Trading

28 Oct 2016

Maintaining optimal eye sight is mandatory in a forex trading lifestyle. Because of time spent in front of the computer screen, most traders face the challenge of having good eye health. Sooner or later, hours of trading, web research and analyzing charts can affect vision and trading performance. Here are common symptoms to determine your current...