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Head of North America at Gresham Technologies
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Bio Jan joined Gresham with the responsibility for growing sales in North America. With more than 15 years experience in the financial technology sector, Jan previously held roles focused on providing fund accounting and middle office solutions to investment management firms. Career History Jan has led strategic accounts teams growing revenue across securities services client groups in EMEA and the US. He holds a M.A. in History from Edinburgh University.



Visibility into trade data is vital as style drift swirls around AMs

04 Apr 2019

Compressed margins and fear of disruption by tech giants is driving asset managers to search for new ways to raise revenue, reduce costs, and develop new funds and products. But these trends also imply a significant amount of unpredictability and operational turmoil that some managers’ IT teams are unprepared for. Pressures on asset managers are b...


Hedging DLTs Crystal Ball Syndrome

26 Mar 2019

Sometimes, signs of a broader conceptual technology challenge show up unexpectedly in a very neat, concise package. That was the case this past month when a pair of news items—seemingly contradictory in nature—popped up regarding the implementation of blockchain in the foreign exchange (FX) market, in particular, a massive project within the bank-...

Data Management 101

Data Lessons From the Shutdown Blues

27 Feb 2019

One of the lesser-reported consequences of the recent US government partial shutdown was its effect upon the reporting of key economic and financial markets data. Many regulatory agencies closed up shop during the impasse (one which could, but hopefully won’t, repeat itself). Turns out, the government is a crucial source of information, and as a r...



Open for Business: New Banking Models Demand Data Strength

22 Feb 2019

While the premise of “Bank as API” has been around for a while, it’s fair to say that adoption of this concept grew considerably in 2018. Banks’ senior tech leaders have noted throughout this year that today’s disruptive tech demands a change in operating models, culture and perspective. Many digitalization initiatives have been geared towards thi...