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Bio Steve Goswell is based in San Francisco California. A financial messaging standards and technical integration specialist, Steve is actively involved in a number of industry associations and working groups including ISITC, SWIFT, ISO 20022, FIX, and FpML. A frequent writer and speaker. Career History Steve spent almost 20 years with Barclays. At BGI Steve held several senior IT management positions including Head of Global Messaging and was responsible for STP Strategy. MSc-Computer Science and a BSc-Mathematics from the University of London.


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Standards Forum Wrap-Up

23 Dec 2015

It took me 51 hours to get home from Singapore. Don’t ask! Before I arrived back in San Francisco the good folks in SWIFT Standards were already busy comparing notes and transcribing the snapshots of the white board from each session. The fruits of this labor are now available for all to see. See here:

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19 Dec 2015

The results are in. 43 approved Change Requests impacting 60 message types for a total of 201 changes altogether. Sounds high, 43, doesn’t it? Well, it is 50% higher than 2015, but significantly less than the two releases prior to that. So perhaps against that background, 43 isn’t so bad. Here are some of the highlights… No changes in cat-1 and...


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Standards Forum 2015 - What did we learn this week?

15 Oct 2015

We might all be running on fumes, but we made it to day four. Another one in the books. I can't resist the temptation to complete the airline analogy… we’re beginning our descent, buckle up, you’re cleared for landing, bla-di-bla-di-bla! So, what did we learn this week? 3 key things for me... Market practice. A level-setting exercise to descri...

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ISO 20022: Making the haystack smaller

14 Oct 2015

Standards Forum Day Three was all about compliance and regulation. "Less conversation" is not a phrase that one would normally expect see in the same sentence as "Sibos" but there it is in the title of the first session of the day. The panelists discussed regulators and the fact that they are starting to engage standards organi...


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