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Souvik Das

Souvik Das

Senior Manager, Marketing Analytics & Practice at Genpact
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Bio Marketing analytics and campaign management solutions for financial services at Genpact. Career History More than 10 years working in marketing and customer analytics for financial services. Experience around campaign management and sales force effectiveness helps me understand the implementation nuances. Interested in analytical assessments, solution development, thought leadership and digitization.


Banking Strategy, Digital and Transformation

Evolving Channel Strategies - Less is more at times

30 Aug 2019

The Innovation Cycle Innovations, options and human response to them move in cycles. In the below diagram, it moves from stages 1 to 4 and restarts at a new “1”, where either technology or need satiation has shifted. It starts with a few, new options. As they gather popularity, the options quickly proliferate through more players or more offerin...



Using 'nudge' to boost bank loyalty campaigns

24 Dec 2018

Can we leverage behavioral nudge in designing loyalty campaigns in banks? As a known fact, retaining existing customers cost almost a fifth of acquiring new ones. Quite evidently, banks are always very hungry to get the best out of their loyalty campaigns. The concept of “nudge” popularized by behavioral economists Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein ...


Using 'nudge' to boost bank acquisition campaign

19 Dec 2018

Can simple but effective “nudge” theory based behavioral targeting drive higher acquisition for banks? Banks regularly struggle to achieve higher marketing efficiency in a complex and volatile business environment. While granular level customer intelligence is collected from multiple sources, leveraging inherent human behavioral pointers for market...


Taking the friction out of Digital On-boarding

20 Jul 2018

Almost every bank is trying to put together the digital onboarding transformation jigsaw in bits and pieces. This is no longer an item for the wish list, but a necessity. Many banks such as Barclays and DBS have made significant investments in their digital onboarding processes. Some banks are leading the curve, while others are yet to catch up. W...