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Head of Global Partnerships at Ferratum
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Bio Hans is Head of Global Partnerships at Ferratum, an innovative fintech. All opinions are my own. Career History Head of Global Partnerships at Ferratum. More than 20 years experience from startups and blue chip companies in financial services and fintech.



The Amex Paradox as US Credit Card Issuers Crash Land

11 May 2009

In a recent article in the New York Times, the major US credit card issuers have put on their safety belts and crash helmets, as they prepare for a major crash landing with their credit card portfolios. Credit card losses are soaring to unprecedented levels as unemployment rises, and cardholders struggle to make ends meet. From credit card write...


Trends in Financial Services

Levering ATMs for Cardless Money Transfer

04 May 2009

For some time I have been intrigued by banks' lack of interest in, or inability to leverage their ATM networks to gain a competitive edge. Traditionally used for cash advances and balance enquiries, ATMs have turned into more of a multimedia kiosk capable of providing a wide range of services. One area of particular interest, in my mind, is money ...


Trends in Financial Services

Will WooGroup Succeed in Taking on Western Union?

26 Feb 2009

A new challenger to Western Union recently emerged in the money transfer area. The WooGroup, based in Paris, was recently listed on the Paris stock exchange (Nyse Euronext, ticker MLWOO). After a somewhat chaotic start – the listing was postponed a week following liquidity problems by Europe Finance et Industry, tasked to manage the introduction – ...

Trends in Financial Services

What did I miss about PayPass cards at Carrefour in France?

29 Jan 2009

To my great satisfaction I read recently that Carrefour will issue it's PASS card with contactless technology in collaboration with MasterCard. The new card will be on the cutting edge of current card technology, including multiple accounts on the same chip, giving consumers the choice to pay with their own money (debit) or funds made available...


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