20 April 2018

Toby Corballis

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Rapid Addition



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Chief Executive Officer at Rapid Addition with over twenty years of experience as an IT specialist in roles ranging from Developer and Programmer, Project Manager, Entrepreneur and Business leader. I have worked on numerous large-scale multi-national strategic projects, which have given me an extens

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Have worked in several industry vertical for large organisations such as Natwest, Dun & Brdastreet, AIG, GMAC, British Telecom, Orange, as well as smaller firms (including a number of start-ups - somne successful, some less so).


Outside of work my interests include running and general fitness, music (yes, it's true, I do play in a band), and winter sports.

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Toby Corballis
16 Nov, 2012 | 14:56
Toby Corballis

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