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Richard Broadbent

Richard Broadbent

VP Software, UK/I at Diebold Nixdorf
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Bio With 25 years' experience of working within the Financial Services industry, I have a wealth of industry knowledge and experience which proves invaluable for my role as VP Software at Diebold Nixdorf UK/I. Career History Prior to joining Diebold Nixdorf, I most recently held the position of VP Strategy and Channel Development at Fiserv where I was responsible for the development and evolution of the International Strategy of a Fortune 500 technology company.



Treating fraudsters to a taste of AI medicine

05 Jul 2018

Fraud is an issue that remains constant in the financial services sector. It creates trust problems between consumers and FIs, it can discourage consumer uptake of new services and it’s expensive for everyone involved. Over £1bn has been stolen from bank customers through credit and debit card fraud in the past 12 months and one in 10 people in the...


Is AI a fad or reality for financial services today?

16 Mar 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) is starting to impact our lives faster than we can imagine. From Amazon’s digital assistant Alexa, which is now in over five million homes, to online shopping recommendations and image recognition, AI technologies have found no shortages of real world applications that are quickly becoming a familiar part of our daily ...


How customers are changing the banking industry

17 Jan 2018

As both a banking customer, and a software professional, I can’t help but notice that the financial services industry is going through a period of unprecedented change at the moment. In my day job, I can see that banks are working hard on innovative ways of connecting touchpoints and utilising their data in a more meaningful way. And as a customer...



Winning hearts and minds - with tomorrow's bank branch

28 Jul 2017

One of the biggest questions in modern banking is how branches can maintain their relevance in an increasingly digital age. Usage of mobile and internet banking has grown exponentially, but bank branches still have a relevant and important role to play. To keep winning customer’s hearts and minds however, they must continue to transform. Aware of...

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