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Reetu Khosla

Reetu Khosla

Head of Client Lifecycle Management & KYC at Pegasystems
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Bio Reetu Khosla is Head of Client Lifecycle Management & KYC at Pegasystems. She has several years of regulatory experience in the banking and non-banking sectors, specialising in financial crimes, new regulation management, and anti-money laundering (AML) compliance, operations and management.



Banks Need to Go Low to Crack Rapid Delivery and Innovation of Onboarding KYC Apps & RegTech

22 Oct 2018

Pegasystems has been collaborating with the global banking community at Sibos for over 35 years (since 1983). The banking industry’s premier corporate banking event goes ‘down under’ this year. But, I wonder how much Sibos in Australia could be an opportunity to turn the debate upside down and take a radically different perspective on how financia...


Is RegTech the Silver Bullet to Fighting Financial Crime or is there more to it?

10 Oct 2017

The 2016 Global Terrorism Index reported a 650% increase in deaths from terrorism amongst OECD member countries. In this environment, it is no surprise that governments are making a strong attempt to counter terrorist financing. Although we welcome new anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing regulations that have been introduced to tac...

Financial Risk Management

RegTech and KYC

11 May 2017

RegTech & KYC: Over-selling, under-delivering…Is this creating more risk in the market? In recent years, the banking industry has been inundated with regulation. From AML, to EMIR, Dodd-Frank, MiFID II, to FATCA & CRS and enforcement, the volume of new regulation has been unprecedented. One of the most significant side-effects of this is th...


To meet complex KYC and Onboarding regulations RegTech needs to be industrial strength

25 Oct 2016

Regtech is being added to the canon of financial technology buzzwords. But what does it offer and how should the industry embrace this concept? This increasingly common term is a subset of the fintech movement to find smarter technology solutions to solving difficult problems or tapping into great opportunities for revenue. Essentially regtech is