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Paul Underwood

Paul Underwood

Managing Director at Thames Card Technology
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10 years of contactless

21 Aug 2017

It is staggering to write this down, but contactless in the UK is nearly ten! And it’s exciting that ‘tap and go’ payments are going from strength to strength. Since the introduction of contactless cards in September 2007, it has gradually become the payment method of choice for many, as society gradually moves away from cash. More than half of a...


Instant issue: a missed opportunity?

06 Mar 2017

Nothing takes a week anymore. Food, shopping, television; everything is on demand. Someone will even save you from the torment of assembling flatpack furniture! Why then, in this digital world where consumers prize instant gratification, are so many banks still taking their time to get cards into new account holders’ hands? There’s a better way an...


The quiet revolution of the loyalty key fob

13 Jul 2016

Take a glance at your bunch of keys. In amongst ‘the usuals’ like the front door, the garage, the bike lock and the car keys, there’s fair chance that at least one plastic loyalty key fob has quietly taken up residence. This corner of the plastic card market is rarely discussed, but has nonetheless undergone a revolution in recent years. Certainly ...


Challenger banks must strike the right balance between mobile and card

09 Mar 2016

NFC mobile payments continue to grab headlines, but to really drive uptake and ensure full market coverage, combining contactless cards with next-gen mobile banking apps is surely the right way to go for 2016’s challenger banks, says Paul Underwood, managing director, Thames Card Technology. Much has already been said about the opportunity for cha...