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Financial Services Industry Manager - EMEA at Microsoft
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Bio Open Banking and Payments SME Career History Marcus is a business advisor with over seventeen years experience in multiple sectors as both as a management consultant and industry professional, advising global corporations on operational and technology transformation.


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Is your brand hurting your customer's feelings?

10 Mar 2020

2020 will be a remarkable year. A new decade has begun, giving us the feeling of a fresh start, of possibility, and the opportunity to reflect on the changes and progress we have made so far. The challenge is to find a relevant point in time, an anchor if you like, that we can use in order to establish a meaningful comparison. When I think about ...

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Hyper-Casual Banking

04 Mar 2020

If you own a smartphone, the chances are you have at least one gaming app installed. You know, for those rare moments when you have a few minutes to spare and just need to switch your mental focus. However, with the ever-increasing power of smartphones’ processing capabilities, mobile games have become much more sophisticated, with so many feature...

Behavioral Economics in Banking

The Half-Life of Current Accounts

07 Jan 2020

It’s a generally accepted concept that all physical materials decay over time. Rocks, food, metal, bones, etc… all of these things become weaker or decompose gradually, at different speeds. Scientists call this natural process “half-life”; a concept that can be applied to any area where the quantity or strength of something decreases over time. Th...

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The age of data abundance...and time poverty

17 Dec 2019

“Data is the new oil” – you’ve probably heard this quote all too frequently by now. I can’t deny this is an interesting parallel, given data (just like oil) can be mined, stored and transformed in order to power other technologies and create value. However, I think this parallel is not only misleading, but dangerous when you consider the broader c...