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SVP Money Movement & Retail Solutions at FIS
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Bio Mike Kresse serves as the Senior Vice President and Head of Products and Services for the FIS Money Movement and Retail Solutions division Career History Since joining FIS in 2000, Mike has held positions of increasing responsibility and scope. Before FIS, Mike held Management, Sales, & Finance positions at a variety of technology firms including IBM & Oracle.



Card Not Present Transactions – Friend or Foe? – Transaction Volumes Are Soaring but so Is Fraud

11 Dec 2023

As all investors know, there can be no reward without risk. With volumes rocketing, card-not-present (CNP) payments offer the potential to generate handsome rewards. But in parallel, the risk of fraud is escalating and CNP fraud now accounts for around 73% of total card fraud. This blog considers how payment providers can balance the risks and rew...



EU Regulation on Instant Payments in Europe – the Story so Far and How Banks Should Prepare

25 Oct 2023

The European Commission (EC) has adopted a legislative proposal on instant payments in euro, in the form of an amendment to the 2012 SEPA regulation. Although the draft regulation leaves some questions unanswered, the direction of travel is clear. This blog considers some of opportunities of instant payments and why banks should prepare now. We li...

Innovation in Financial Services

The Role of ISOs in Leaving the Check Behind

12 Oct 2011

When we think about Leaving the Check Behind, many people do not realize what a critical role Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) play. Card payments, and in particular single use virtual card payments, continue to be a highly viable alternative to paper checks for accounts payable payments. With Business to Business payments accelerating, and ...


Innovation in Financial Services

The End of Paper Checks? Clues from Across the Pond

31 Aug 2011

People often ask me, “Hey Mike, when do you think checks will disappear as a form of payment?” This is a good question; not just because companies like mine are focused on helping other companies Leave the Check Behind, but because checks are costly; they consume natural resources; they are subject to fraud; and they are the most inefficient form o...