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Graham Williams

Graham Williams

CEO at Stanchion Payment Solutions
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Bio I head up a business that supports the implementation and management of payment environments and card applications for retailers, banks, credit unions, card schemes, payment systems and processors worldwide. Career History I have lead more than five business in my career. About 15 years have been in payments. As CEO of Stanchion I manage a growing team of over 70 across four global offices: United States, Europe, Africa and Middle East.



Impending fintech apocalypse or just old-fashioned hype?

19 Feb 2016

Over the last few years, venture capital funds have poured billions into fintech and the frustrated investment bankers and traders that launched the sector. But how close are we really to the complete disruption of the banking sector? I believe that we are a lot further away from a full disruption than the media, conference organisers and thought-...



Experimenting with distributed financial technologies

05 Feb 2016

As many have said before, distributed financial technologies in the retail payment space feels like the Internet in the mid-90s with lots of potential and expectation but not a lot of action. And just as the experimenting led to powerful use cases then, we expect to see the same pattern repeat itself with distributed ledgers. To explore this oppor...