Michael Davison
Michael Davison

Michael Davison

Industry Principal at Atos
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Bio Michael is Industry Principal, Financial Services at ATOS, focused on keeping FS industry drivers, issues and innovation opportunities at the centre of the discussion. Career History Michael joined Atos from IBM Global Business Services's FS consulting and solutions business. As a management consultant in PwC Consulting he worked in post-merger integration, payments innovation and operational transformation. At Lloyds Bank / Lloyds TSB he worked in bancassurance, commercial ba


Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Bringing foresight to bear on security performance

26 Nov 2019

Much is made of the ability of Artificial Intelligence to improve business performance in many different ways and places in organisations. Financial Services as a sector is no stranger to these claims but remains some way off realising the full business benefit which the technology promises. One area of very high potential benefit which appears o...

Artificial Intelligence and Financial Services

Security and business reputation: a relationship in transition

05 Nov 2019

The reputation of any financial services organisation rests squarely on trust, security and professional integrity. Breaches of any of these profoundly damages the belief of markets, investors and customers in the others. Every financial services organisation is engaged at some level on modernising itself to remain fit for its twentieth first cen...


Quantum: how might it benefit Financial Services?

28 Sep 2018

OK, so here's the opening admission. I don't 'get' Quantum, yet. It's one of those fundamentals in physics which is hard to grasp beyond the basic, two concurrent states in one space/time. I guess I am in good company. And when I dig around at the other end of the discussion, namely, 'what will it do for us once it has been more fully realised in i...


The disintegration of customer experience and the promise of omnichannel

12 Sep 2018

Retail banks pride themselves on offering their customers more ways than ever before of transacting with them. With words like 'seamless', they set expectations that where hand offs between teams and channels are necessary, customer information will be passed, understood and actionable by each. And that where processes have to be fulfilled in stag...