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AI and the future of banking

30 Jul 2019

With high-profile advances in the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI), from Amazon’s Alexa to Google’s self-driving cars, there is a growing view that machines will start to perform more and more day-to-day jobs, potentially threatening the livelihoods of millions. While we can’t predict with any certainty what will happen in the future, in o...

Digital Banking Trends

What to expect from retail banking in 2019

17 Dec 2018

As the new year approaches, the time has come to reflect on the developments that shaped the retail banking landscape in 2018 and look ahead to the next twelve months. A year ago, I predicted that in 2018 migration to the cloud would rapidly accelerate, DLT applications would come to fruition, open banking would improve the relationship between ba...

Fintech innovation and startups

Learning from start-ups: the good and the not so good

17 Jul 2018

Innovation has become the new buzzword in the world of financial services. Today, the quest for innovation has become increasingly important as adopting a culture of innovation is often identified with a trajectory of business growth, while failure to do so could lead to an organisation lagging behind. But how do long established companies ensure ...

Open Banking

So far, so good

11 May 2018

In the run up to its implementation date on 13 January 2018, the EU’s Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) – which in the UK is known as ‘Open Banking’ – was widely perceived to be a game changer in retail banking services. In a nutshell, the directive aims to ensure that all payment service providers (PSPs) that operate in the European single...