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Steve Sprague

Steve Sprague

VP Product Strategy at Invoiceware International
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Bio Steve Sprague has been working in the electronic invoicing and middleware integration space for over 13 years. As VP, Product Strategy & Marketing for Invoiceware International, Steve manages product strategy and The Global Compliance Network - focusing on emerging market invoice processes including Career History Prior to joining Invoiceware International, Steve spent 4 years as SVP, Product Strategy & Marketing for Crossgate, Inc, where he grew their global e-Invoicing compliance solutions and market leading cloud-based B2B platform. Crossgate was acquired by SAP AG in November 2011. Additionally, he held t


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US Implements EInvoicing and Reporting: Similarities to Latin America?

08 Mar 2016

Latin America has long been at the forefront of business-to-government compliance requirements, and nations across the globe have taken note of how countries in this region have successfully cracked down on tax fraud. Now, the U.S. has introduced two new requirements – public sector e-invoicing and country-by-country reporting – with themes parall...

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Mexico SAT announces Electronic Audits to start 2016

07 Mar 2016

In a recent interview the CNN Expansion, Aristoteles Nunez, the head of the SAT, stated that they will start to deploy electronic audits starting in the second half of 2016. This is a move that I have been discussing for the last 5 years and even more so in the last 12 months. Following a path similar to Brazil, Mexico is now in a position where...

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Latin American VAT and EInvoicing Mandates

11 Feb 2016

The rate of change of business-to-government compliance mandates in Latin America continues compounding, with no less than 10 (ten!) new regulations expected in 2016. Managing these changes can be challenging at all levels of a corporation – from IT integration to new processes and controls in finance and supply chain management to operational del...

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The rise of business-to-government regulation

16 Sep 2015

Increasing globalization has significantly changed the corporate tax function, with constantly shifting regulations and stakeholder demands. In a recent report, “Reshaping the Tax Function of the Future,” PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) details several critical factors that will drastically impact the way companies do business worldwide – trends we’v...