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Larry Talley

Founder and CEO at Everyware
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Career History For over 20 years, Larry Tarry has aimed to exceed limits: from computer programming in the US Navy, to developing software for hotels and resorts, these experiences have led to his current role as founder and CEO of the Austin-based start-up, Everyware. His expertise, specifically in the hospitality and travel space, provided him with extensive insight into the shortcomings in payment and communication technology. He saw value in companies collecting payments via text and two-way messaging, so he set out to build the tech. Everyware was born with the original purpose of simplifying the process to collect payments. Fast-forward 5 years and Everyware is the leading contactless payment and engagement solution extending upon industries ranging from healthcare to nonprofits, hospitality, utilities and beyond.



Commercial Banking and Fintechs: 3 Reasons They’re Better Off Best Friends Instead of Foes

23 Mar 2021

The way we bank began shifting long ago and commercial banking is now being confronted with similar challenges as corporate clients expect online/mobile banking, touchless processing and overall improved efficiency. Fintechs, offering the power of automation paired with payment processing capabilities and gateways to swiftly bring new products and...