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Konstantin Anissimov

Konstantin Anissimov

Executive Director at CEX.IO
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Bio Executive Director at CEX.IO. Customer relationships with institutional and VIP-clients, strategy, new products, markets and partnerships


Cryptocurrency Insights

What Should Happen to Crypto for Regulators to More Readily Accept It?

21 Sep 2021

Interest in the crypto market from investors, both retail and institutional, has been on the rise since 2020, when digital assets have proven themselves amidst economic turmoil. Since then we have seen major companies from outside the crypto sector invest into these assets, which in turn raised a lot of waves in the financial market. A study by F...


Will Bitcoin Ever Become A Means Of Payment On The Global Scale?

26 Jul 2021

When El Salvador revealed its intention to become the first country to properly adopt Bitcoin as legal tender, many people in the industry started wondering if other jurisdictions across the world would follow this example. Personally, I find the notion somewhat questionable. The need for efficient inter-state commerce and financial transactions h...


UK regulator’s actions point to the trend of growing crypto market security

23 Jun 2021

At the end of March the United Kingdom’s financial watchdog – the FCA – has announced that crypto-involved companies in the UK are now obligated to submit financial crimes-related information in the form of yearly reports. Some may think that this kind of reporting could be considered a step back from the freedoms that the crypto industry promised...


Bitcoin Has Good Chances of Reducing Its Carbon Footprint In The Next Few Years

09 Jun 2021

The massive usage of energy by Bitcoin mining has become a hotly discussed topic lately. Elon Musk’s announcement in May in regards to Tesla stopping BTC payments due to environmental concerns only served to pour more oil into this particular fire. Musk had to deal with a lot of criticism on Twitter over this decision, but his actions have highlig...