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John Edison

John Edison

GVP Financial Crime and Compliance Management at Oracle
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Bio I lead product management for Oracle Financial Crime and Compliance Management. My group helps financial institutions fight money laundering and other financial crimes.


Financial Services Regulation

How Financial Institutions Can Fight Money Laundering in a Disrupted Global Environment

30 Sep 2021

The disruption and uncertainty created by COVID-19 has slowed business execution across all aspects of businesses. Anti-financial crime and compliance functions are no exception. However, the challenges and pressures of fighting money laundering and other financial crimes have not eased. Instead, the current environment is making the need to drive...

Trends in Financial Services

How Smaller Banks Can Turn Three Industry Trends into Anti-Money Laundering Opportunities

22 Sep 2021

Midsized financial institutions must pay close attention to anti-money laundering Midsized financial institutions (with $1 billion - $10 billion in assets) play an essential role in our financial system, especially in the U.S. where banks with less than $10 billion in assets represent 14% of the market and 97% of the total number of banks. Unfortu...

Innovation in Financial Services

Responsible Artificial Intelligence for Anti-Money Laundering: How to Address Bias

01 Sep 2021

Introduction The eager and rapid adoption of artificial intelligence (A.I.) by financial institutions (F.I.s) may surprise those outside this otherwise cautious industry. However, the industry consensus is clear that intelligent technologies such as A.I. are major factors in the race to differentiate and establish market share. For example, a surv...