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Joe Pindar

Joe Pindar

Director of Product Strategy at Gemalto
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Bio Joe is a product strategist focused on security and data protection, working in the Office of the CTO, which is part of Gemalto's Enterprise and Cybersecurity business (formerly SafeNet).


Banking Architecture

Why the financial industry needs to change tack and focus on the basics

02 Apr 2019

IT spending is at an all time high; continuing to grow at a rapid rate, it’s estimated that $103 billion will be dished out in 2019. This may seem like a good thing, more spend on security automatically means better security, right? Unfortunately, this is not always the case, as while spend goes up, so too does the number of data breaches and comp...

Blockchain Observations

Bitcoin: Here to stay or is it running out of steam?

23 Nov 2018

We’re now into the second decade of Bitcoin – the cryptocurrency still aiming to take the world by storm. Passing the 10-year mark for any technology is impressive, given the nature of the business, so it’s worth considering if Bitcoin is now established enough to say it’s going to stick around, or will it eventually run out of steam? Back in 20