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Innovation Consultancy Lead at Netguru
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Bio I have spent over a decade of rapid international career growth as a hands-on agent of change. Specifically, I create, implement and lead global design and digital solutions. An advocate of human-centred design to drive businesses forward through product, service and business strategy. Career History I define, measure and analyse a current situation. Then, utilising my skills at discovery, collaborative design and development, my teams discover new streams for growth. I have worked successfully with businesses in a wide variety of consumer sectors ranging from start-ups, to SMEs to high-profile international brands. As an analytical and creative problem solver with a strong desire to relentlessly learn and improve. I am always looking to forge new business relationships while maintaining strong bonds with the legacy clientele.



Fintech Meets Retail: How to Improve Commerce With Finance Innovation

21 Sep 2021

The worlds of fintech and retail have always been connected. As technology advances, they are becoming even closer, both grappling with changes in consumer behaviors. A new ‘always-on’ customer combined with innovations is driving this new proximity. The growth of multi-screening habits, where online users consume content and information via a var...