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Mark Trevor

Commercial Director at Vaultex
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Bio Commercial Director at Vaultex UK, the UK's leading cash processor. Career History Mark pursued a successful leadership career in the Royal Navy, prior to embarking on his corporate career. He has since had extensive experience in a number of senior commercial and operational roles within large international businesses, including Arthur J Gallagher International and Hiscox PLC.


Financial Supply Chain

Cash use prior to the 23rd century

20 Dec 2018

Natalie Ceeney’s recently published UK Access to Cash review asks us to consider the implications of a society where physical cash doesn’t exist. It got me thinking of a video clip I used to open a recent conference presentation. It’s a scene from one of the more forgettable Star Trek movies. Captain Jean Luc Picard is chatting to his current roman...



Social shoppers: why consumer attitudes to cash matter

14 Jun 2016

"Predicting rain doesn't count. Building arks does." - Warren Buffett Cash has been around for over 3,000 years. It's part of any culture's identity. In fact, you can chart the rise and fall of many civilizations just by looking at the size of coins they minted. Today, the barbarians at cash's gates are technological ones. In 2016, you c...


From ABBA to iZettle: how the cash industry needs to respond to new challengers

09 Sep 2015

Around the world, the use of cash is being challenged. Scandinavians are perhaps the most radical proponents of change (or, rather, the reduction of change in people's pockets). As of next year, many Danish businesses will no longer be required to accept cash. Over in Sweden, former ABBA star Björn Ulvaeus, once famous for singing "money, mone...



A Case for Cash

27 Jul 2015

Cash is dead. The introduction of Apple Pay in the UK means that consumers can soon leave their wallets at home. At least that's what some are predicting. But perhaps we should take a moment before we consign cash to the transactional trash. Over the last fifty years, various payment methods have been introduced: cheques in 60s, credit cards in 70s...