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Ian Robertson

Ian Robertson

Visiting Professor, Applied Information Security at University of Warwick
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Bio I have spent the last 15 years with IBM in business consulting in the information security and risk management areas. My clients have included most of the UK banking and insurance companies and also UK Government and public sector Agencies. I am now an academic at Warwick University. Career History IBM Security Services (2000-2015) Venture capital and consulting (1990-2000) Nuclear physics and oil industry 1980-1990)



Why we need a new approach to cyber-security and risk assessment.

25 Apr 2016

In the finance market risk is modeled and forecast using a combination of statistical modeling and “stress testing”. Why don't we take a similar approach to cyber-security? The traditional response is that cyber-threats are different, they don't behave in a predictable statistical fashion; the events are targeted and malicious not random. The prob...